Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Songwriting: Life, Emotions and Dreams

My music comes from life itself, emotions and even dreams. “Liquid Windows” is a metaphor for tears. The hook means take a look through my tears, see it from my eyes, my point of view. The song is basically a letter written to my brother entailing the bitter feeling towards him I held in for years. It goes deep inside our childhood, dealing with my father’s abusiveness, drugs, betrayal, and heart break! That song is 100 % raw emotion.
Then you have songs like “Brainwash” which was the product of a dream I had. In that dream I saw two slaves working together to escape slavery. The two men became the best of friends; unknowingly, in the future one of their kin folk would murder the other one over drugs and money. Thus, when I awoke I jotted down “Brainwashed everybody wants to be a crime boss, mind lost, it’s something slick to bust ah gun off, blood sauce, slave blood our next of kin, Dr King, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman. Blood sauce means we’re all one blood, have one origin, Africa! I mention Dr King, Malcolm X and Harriet Tubman because it’s crazy how there was a time when black folks all worked together to bring forth the black movement; just so people who once fought side by side; kin folks could kill each other over drugs, money and status in the future.
Songs like “Why” is me simply looking through the eyes of others.
However, all my songs aren’t just sad and gloomy! Songs like “Friday” shows more of my fun side. I got the hook from a night out with my friends and literally I was thinking “it’s Friday and I came to party, got to work tomorrow and I’m sorry! Cause I ain’t coming in so don’t call me! Don’t call me I came to party!” Needless to say the next day I called out from work.