Friday, March 15, 2013

Providing a Voice to Those in Need

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Maryland is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of the lives of Marylanders that are affected by mental illness. They provide free education, support, and advocacy services for people with mental illness, their families, and the community. On May 18, located at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, NAMI MD will be hosting an event called NAMIWalks, one of the largest mental health fundraising efforts in America. With the support of participants and donations, NAMI MD will be able to continue to fund their programs in order to help the thousands of people that struggle with mental illness. For more information on this event please visit the website at

Each year Sound Empire Entertainment supports the NAMIWALKS event as a sponsor. In addition CEO Stacey Harrison also serves on the steering committee. Here at S.E.E we are asking that all our fans, partners and supporters join us for this year's event. To register for our team visit our website Donations are also greatly appreciated.

At Sound Empire Entertainment we recognize that the music community can play an important part in assisting the many families affected by mental illness. Music can  provide a voice to those often silenced by the stigma.  Also over the past couple of years, music therapy has become an increasingly useful tool in the fight against the struggles of mental illness. Music therapy is used to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals dealing with mental illness. Music therapy interventions have been designed to promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, and express feelings. The treatment has also been used to enhance memory functions, improve communication, and promote physical rehabilitation. Research has showed that it is very effective in a wide array of settings. For more information on the advantages of music therapy, visit So join S.E.E. as we raise much needed funds to continue to help persons diagnosed with mental illness and their families!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Songwriting: Life, Emotions and Dreams

My music comes from life itself, emotions and even dreams. “Liquid Windows” is a metaphor for tears. The hook means take a look through my tears, see it from my eyes, my point of view. The song is basically a letter written to my brother entailing the bitter feeling towards him I held in for years. It goes deep inside our childhood, dealing with my father’s abusiveness, drugs, betrayal, and heart break! That song is 100 % raw emotion.
Then you have songs like “Brainwash” which was the product of a dream I had. In that dream I saw two slaves working together to escape slavery. The two men became the best of friends; unknowingly, in the future one of their kin folk would murder the other one over drugs and money. Thus, when I awoke I jotted down “Brainwashed everybody wants to be a crime boss, mind lost, it’s something slick to bust ah gun off, blood sauce, slave blood our next of kin, Dr King, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman. Blood sauce means we’re all one blood, have one origin, Africa! I mention Dr King, Malcolm X and Harriet Tubman because it’s crazy how there was a time when black folks all worked together to bring forth the black movement; just so people who once fought side by side; kin folks could kill each other over drugs, money and status in the future.
Songs like “Why” is me simply looking through the eyes of others.
However, all my songs aren’t just sad and gloomy! Songs like “Friday” shows more of my fun side. I got the hook from a night out with my friends and literally I was thinking “it’s Friday and I came to party, got to work tomorrow and I’m sorry! Cause I ain’t coming in so don’t call me! Don’t call me I came to party!” Needless to say the next day I called out from work.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stepping Out In The Community

I am excited to announce that Sound Empire is a proud sponsor of the 2012 Maryland NAMIWALKS. The NAMIWALKS is hosted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Maryland. Proceeds from this event provide NAMI Maryland with some of the resources it needs to provide essential, practical education and support programs for persons diagnosed with mental illness and their relatives.

Mental Illness affects one in four adults. Yes, for every four people you know one of them is affected by an illness such as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), etc. Mental illnesses are more common than cancer. NAMI has been an organization that has worked to fight the stigma of mental illness while giving families the resources they need to cope with the debilitating affects of such illnesses. I personally benefited from NAMI’s programs and services. Over 5 years ago when I came to NAMI looking for a job I was in denial about my relative’s illness. At that time my relative was homeless and had children, and my family did not know what to do. I didn’t know how to talk about the things that we were going through and I was not going to ask for help. After attending the NAMI Family-to-Family education course I realized that I am not alone and help is out there. Mental illness is like any other illness. It affects the entire family. However, the one big difference is stigma. Stigma is what keeps so many people from getting the help that they need. So, on May 19, 2012 come join Sound Empire Entertainment as we join NAMI Maryland to help put an end to the shame!

2012 Maryland NAMIWALKS in Baltimore

May 19, 2012

Rash Field- Inner Harbor

Check-In: 10 AM

To register or for more information visit the NAMI Maryland Walk - Baltimore page here:

For more information about NAMI Maryland and to find a local affiliate near you visit or call 410-884-8691.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the 2012 NAMIWALKS in Baltimore!

Stacey Harrison

President and CEO

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Woman Behind the Music

Ask Stacey Harrison, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sound Empire Entertainment, LLC, who has been her biggest influence and she’ll say the many women that top the Forbes Most Powerful Women list. Women that include Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks, Sue Naegle, President of HBO Entertainment and Oprah Winfrey. Also, the music industry’s top female executive Sylvia Rhone, CEO of Elektra Entertainment Group.

“These women work hard every day and stand in some of the most powerful positions in a male dominated business,” said Harrison. “I admire those women that are not just a pretty face in front of the camera but command a boardroom and make the behind the scenes decisions.”

Like these women, Harrison is standing in one of the most powerful positions in a male dominated business.

“I know it may seem strange because we are so used to men being the CEO of a label, but it’s time for me to take the reins and show them how it is done,” she said.

Those reins include being responsible for making sure the company is focused on and implementing their vision in everything that they do, which includes marketing and financials. Additionally, in these beginning stages, she is responsible for the day to day operations.

Taking up the reins doesn’t come without its challenges.

“There are legal challenges and just making sure that agreements are fair while also making a profit. Then, with new technologies comes new questions of how do you continue to make money when it is so easy to get music via the internet for free,” said Harrison. “This continues to remain a question in everyone’s mind as new copyright laws are explored. However, overcoming these challenges is what separates those that are successful and those that are not.”

Even though there are some challenges, there are also some easier aspects.

“The easiest part is waking up everyday and doing something that you love to do. That is what separates it from a regular job,” she said.

Her goals and vision for the label include becoming a major label based in Baltimore, but a key player in the music industry around the world.

“In the next five years we will also have a core group of artists that will have seen some success and have broken into the music scene. SEE will bring about a bold new feel to the industry. We will have made great strides but we will still have further to go. I know once we really get going we are going to take off running so everyone in our path better hold on to their hats. ” Harrison said.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sound Empire

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